Thursday, October 7, 2010

14 Weeks Pregnant, and Sick

Wow! Its been forever since Ive posted here on my blog! Thought this would be easier the updating my profile since they will only let you post so much. This won't be long though. Just an update for everyone! :)

Not the best past 2 days for me. Called in to my doctor yesturday after feeling pretty bad for over a week and a half. Turns out I waited too long to call. They hooked me right up to an IV in the office, and took some blood. My results showed I was dehydrated, malnourished, and very low on everything else. She admitted me to the hospital yesturday afternoon, and it took them 6 hrs and 4 different people before they could get another IV in! They have been pumping me full of fluids and sodium, and magnesium, and just seems like everything! I'm starting to puff up! :) Today they put in a PICC Line. Thats a flexible catheter "Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter" that is inserted into a central vein in the upper arm, goes up and around my should and down my chest right in close to my heart. It is semi-permanent and will stay in for the rest of the pregnancy. This will help me to be able to get home health care at home so I can do IV's by myself.....pretty cool! Bad part, its definately not pretty. Hey! its alot better than my ileostomy, and I wont have to keep getting stuck over and over! My blood counts were pretty low as well, and I have been having 2 units of blood pumped in me all afternoon. I have seen several specialists, and everything seems fine with the baby, so that is the good news! It really is true that the baby just "steals" everything it needs from mommy!!

My body just can't keep up right now feeding the baby and me while I am losing everythng through my bowels like water. I am absorbing almost 0 nutrients. I guess this will be a battle for me for the whole pregnancy. I asked for a time machine to fast forward these next 5 1/2 months :) haha

Thanks for listening! Just wanted to send out an is fine, but momy is sick. Hoping to go home tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for your prayers!