Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on me....

I know this has been long in coming, but please believe me when I say that I have had my hands full! :)  3 weeks ago the Lord placed in our hands our first baby boy. Our lives haven't been the same since! Bryan's c-section wasn't even planned till the 23rd, but he decided he wanted to meet us early and I went into labor exactly 3 weeks early. I had him right at 37 weeks. He was still born via c-section, but was perfect! He weighed 5lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long. he has quite a bit of dark hair, and his eyes are dark blue. He lost more than the normal amount of weight for newborns and went down to 5lbs. He's still working is way back up to his birth weight and weighs 5lb 6 now. He is in preemie clothes, and it has been quite a challenge to clothe him. :) Being stuck in the hospital isn't very conducive to doing laundry for an infant who goes through 2-3 outfits a day with only 6-7 outfits total. :) Thank-you to friends and family!!!

David has been so wonderful....just like normal. He always has such a good attitude, and is so willing to help with anything and everything with me and Bryan even though I know he is extremely tired and exhausted! This is his week of vacation time he took off to be home with us, and he gets to spend it in the hospital instead. Not much of a week of "vacation" I will say.

After having another abdominal surgery, I think my body kind of "freaked out" a bit. For days after the surgery I was extremely nauseous and couldn't eat anything whatsoever. I was getting weaker and weaker, and feeling so bad. Doctors didn't really know why I was so sick, but just thought it was from the surgery and that it would just be a matter of time for it to go away. With having a new baby though, and being very sick it was also resulting in me getting zero sleep. I was getting to the point that my body was so tired it wouldn't let me sleep when I had the chance. My doctor and I agreed on Saturday afternoon finally that even though I was still feeling very sick and not eating, it would be better if I could go home to sleep, and stay on some meds at home. So we did. I went home Saturday late afternoon. By the time I got home from the car ride I ran straight to the bathroom almost ready to throw up. I fell in bed, and pretty much stayed there as my body started to crash.

Through the night, I got up over and over spending so much time trying not to throw up and take my anti-nausea. I fell in bed after each time being up. Feeding Bryan was barely even an option for me because I couldn't even sit up long enough to feed him. David was up all night with him and me. He did everything to take care of him, and he even helped me feed him while I laid down since I couldn't sit up. Then it hit. My body started attacking my muscles, and I started having major cramping. If you have had a "charlie horse" before you will kind of know what I mean. It was kind of like that, but 10x worse. It would hit 3-4 major muscles from my feet, calves, toes, thighs, hips, hands all at one time, and the pain would be so much more than I could bare. My head would start spinning and I would start blacking out because the pain was so bad. I would maybe get a 5 minute break between each attack that lasted at least 15 minutes at a time. This was quite wearing on David as I lay there hour after hour crying out in pain as he is each time rubbing and massaging trying hard to give the cramps some relief for even just a short time. He would go from me crying in pain to Bryan crying in hunger, and then back to me. The next morning, I ended up calling my friend Veronica out of church to come help because things kept getting worse, and we needed help. It didn't take long for David and Veronica to realize that I needed to go back to the hospital. David decided this, and then tried for 30 mins to try and get me dressed and in the car, but with no luck. Finally he called and ambulance, and we were rushed to the hospital right away. It just couldn't have worked more perfect with Veronica being there, because we were able to just abandon baby Bryan and leave him in her hands. He had a full day back and forth between all his family who loves him. He ended up spending his first night away at Grandma Rice's house when he was just 6 days old. He did so good! The Lord really has blessed us with a very content little boy! Back in the hospital that night things continued the same till finally I was given a strong muscle relaxer and some morphine but not till around 3 o' clock in the morning. We don't really know why it took them so long to give that to me, but some times it just doesn't make sense the way they do some things in the hospital. Right away when they wheeled me into the ER they started me on a bolster of plain salt water through my IV. I was very dehydrated, and they said that nothing was really going to "help" all the cramping till that electrolyte imbalance was fixed. I still continued to ask every doctor that came in for some kind of a muscle relaxer to give me just a little bit of relief. I got it finally, but not till hours of waiting. After getting some relief, David and I  slept that night for 5 straight hours which was the longest stretch of sleep both of us had had since before I had the baby. The next day they couldn't pump enough fluid, salt water, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and so much more into me fast enough. I couldn't even take a shower because I couldn't be unhooked for that long. I did find out that one of the main things that through my body down the drain so fast was how low my sodium levels got. The normal counts # is around 140. Mine were around 110, which I guess to what I was told was VERY low.

This all happened Sunday night. They worked and worked and worked through the night Sunday, all day Monday, and through Monday night. By Tuesday, they were really starting to worry when most of my counts were just staying the same, and they weren't seeing any of them come up. I still wasn't eating because of the bad nausea, and continued to be on constant anti-nausea to keep from throwing up. This is when they start to tell me that they are going to have to start giving me PTN which stands for Total Parenteral Nutrition. This was something the doctors always used as a last resort, because it has to be started slowly and then build up in your system, and then once things are doing better it can't just be stopped right away. Basically this meant if they had to start this it would have put into concrete a for long stay at the hospital, which I absolutely dreaded. The doctor told me that morning around 7 about their decision, and my body had just hours to make a change for itself. The 4pm blood draw would be the deciding factor, and if things hadn't changed they would start that night. She left the room, and my heart dropped. My body had only hours left to start making a change by itself which up to this point it had failed to do. I called the nurse in right away and asked for a dose of anti-nausea, and then called my brother-in-law to bring me some food with protein in it and lots of sodium. The doctor had told me that I needed to eat (for a while) a diet very high in sodium. So I did....eggs with Velveeta pored on them with salt added to each bite. Even if I did throw it up I had to try. I had to force food down me all day long with hopes that it would help.

It was a long day of taking anti-nausea, and then eating. I did this at least 4 times before that 4pm blood draw. I also drank as much as I could of just Gatorade and no water. It was of the Lord that when the results of that test came back that evening my levels had come up barely enough for them to "pose pone" starting the TPN. I was so very happy, and made up my mind that no matter how sick I was I would continue to try to eat at least something at every meal. This went on for 2 more days of making myself eat. All my levels in the mean time continued slowly to rise and I continued to feel better and better each day. It was on Friday morning when I woke up that I noticed a huge change. I was hungry!! I hadn't felt "hungry" in over 2 weeks, and any food digested was forced. It was such a good feeling to feel hungry. I made a breakfast order that morning that would have been enough for 3 people! :) Of course I didn't eat it all, but if it sounded good, I ordered it!

The next morning I found out I was going to be able to go home....(again). :) David and I were so excited. We started packing up right away and were ready to go hours before the hospital had released us. It was such a wonderful feeling to come home that night! Bryan was just shy from being 2 weeks old, and we were finally able to bring him home. David had so sacrificially given his weeks vacation time to be with us in the hospital instead of the nice "1st week at home together" we had thought it would be. It was ok though, because we were all home and healthy and just fine now. We were very thankful that the Lord was so good to us!

Maybe I had a few set backs along the way, but we did it! We have our healthy baby boy who is just so dear to us it would be impossible to put into words the love that our hearts have wrapped around him! The Lord blessed with something so precious!

It has been a little over a week now since we have been home, and we are all doing so well! I am off my anti-bio tics and back to nursing again which I am very thankful. Bryan and I miss daddy every day so much, but look forward to him coming home every night! I have to fight over getting to first kiss now! :) Bryan is in a routine of eating every 3 hours almost like clockwork. He has had a few bad nights, but all in all I can't complain because he is a pretty good sleeper and a happy baby! Thank-you Lord once again for your goodness to us!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bryan Robert Ronson

In the surgery room fresh out of mommys tummy.

Papa and Bryan

Aunt Katie and Byan

Holding daddys finger just after his first bath.

Im Awake, Im wake

All dressed up looking super cute!

Listening to some tunes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Shower & Last Month of Pregnancy

My friend Veronica put on such a beautiful baby shower for me. I know that Mrs. Broadwater and my mother-in-law helped her quite a bit to make it so special and nice for me. I am Thankful for you all who worked so hard! I absolutely LOVED it!!!
The chair by mine in the middle was for my mom. I loved having her up there with me! Love her!!

The front entry...it was beautiful! the table to the left in the back was full of scapbooking stuff for people to make me scrapbook pages to put in the baby book. Now I have alot of nice pages that all I have to do is glue pictures on! :) such a good idea!

The food table looked amazing, and all the food was delicious! My sister-in-law made the cake and she did an awesome job! It was chocolate with a heart-shaped filling in each piece of peanut butter cream.....need I say more! :) Just writing about it makes me want some!

Mrs. Simpson has been very special to me. She has really been my personal prayer angel in the past few years, and I love her dearly! She always takes the extra minute when talking with her to really hear everything you are saying and truly care! She did a small devotional at the shower using the letters of Bryans name. It was very special to me! 
And the Games begin!.....
So many ladies showed up to give their support. We all had alot of fun!
This game, everyone was on a team. Spoonful by spoonful you had to carefully go from one end of the table to the other end and fill up a small bottle. The last team to fill up the bottle and drink it all was the winner! (the winning team had a gift baby basket that they gave to me instead of winning theur own prize...so nice!)

This game was one I remembered playing when I was only 10 at my mom's baby shower for my little sister, and I won! Now look at my "little" sister, she's all grown up! Everyone had to tear off a piece of toilet paper the length they thought would fit perfectly around the biggest part of my belly. Some were quite funny! :)

The class of 2003! :) now we are all three having babies all within a month and a half of each other. Its been so fun being pregnant together....although we now are just ready to be done!

Highschool best buds 10 years later! Love you all!

I had to post a picture of my greatest support. My mom (on the left), and my mother-in-law (on the right). They have helped me through so much, and constantly there for me! I love you both dearly!

In the end in was such a good night!!

Now, for just a quick update of this past month. As for little Bryan....he is just doing amazing! My doctor is just amazed at how well he is thriving in the womb. He is putting on weight, and growing strong and healthy. We are just so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with this healthy baby boy! As for me....well, I'm still trudging through these last few weeks of pregnancy. The bigger and stronger and healthier Bryan gets, the more strain it is on my body. If I did not have my PICC line, I think I would have ended up in the hospital under constant care for this whole 3rd trimester. I am very very thankful for the ability to do the health caare at home! We had a bit of a scare last week, and we were very close to the doctors taking Bryan. I wasn't feeling well, and his heartrate dropped for a lengthy amount of time without coming back up. She sent me straight to the hospital and said if it happened just one more time that she was taking him. I started to get very scared! Thankfully, he cooperated and we were able to go home. Just a few days after that, my PICC line messed up again, and I landed back in the hosppital for another 24 hrs. They ended up pulling the old one out, closing that site, and putting a whole new one into the other arm. Everything is good now! :)

Since Bryan is doing so well, and I'm all "pumped" back up with all the good stuff (from hospital stay), and doing pretty well myself, it doesn't look like he will be coming too early. So unless I go into labor between now and my scheduled C-Section (March 23rd), Bryan will continue to grow bigger and stronger! I am very thankful! That is only 12 days away though!!!! So you can look for my next blog update to have pictures of our precious newborn baby boy! YAY!!! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Pregnancy the Past 20 weeks....

I can't believe that its been 20 weeks since I last updated my blog. I know each time I say I am going to do better. I have good intentions, does that count? :) Its hard to even figure out where to begin.... I guess the first thing I want to tell you all is that we found out we are having a baby boy. His name is taken from his daddy and grandpa.
                                  This is Bryan Robert Ronson! :)

I am 33 weeks and 2 days today. Bryan just weighed in at the doctors this morning at 5lbs 1oz! He is going to be a chunky little dude! :) Mommy has gained a total of 17lbs as of this morning as well. Pretty good for me I think. My Picc Line as I described in the previous post has been such a blessing to have during the pregnancy. Yes, there are alot of things that come with it like 4 flushes in each site 2x a day, and spending a total of 32 hours each week hooked up to a pump that I carry around with me pumping fluids in, having a home health care nurse come to my house every week to change the dressing and clean around the line (all the adhesive has caused my skin to hate me!), putting up with several times getting a blood clot in the line and trying to get it absorbed, along with several other small things. This may seem like alot, but actually it has been a life saver for me and the baby! It has given me the strength that I need to get through this, and has kept me from being in the hospital a whole lot less than if I didn't have it. It is like anything though. You just learn to live with what you have to live with and have a good attitude about it. Once you get used to something, it just becomes part of life, and you don't think of it as "hard" as others might just hearing about it. It always cracks me up when people say"Oh, I could NEVER handle that", or "I could never live with that"! As if something were to happen to them they would even have a choice. God says he would never give us more than we could handle. (although at times I've thought "Lord, ok, I can't handle this anymore") He's always been there for me though and brought me through those difficult times. I am so thankful to the Lord first, and then to my wonderful husband who has been my ever loving support and companion throughout everything! What a strong and faithful man the Lord gave to me!

I believe from the beginning of my pregnancy I have had 4 hospital stays which have included 4 blood transfusions, and a several other intravenous infusions of different vitamins like sodium and magnesium or whatever else my body is low on. I will probably have one more hospital stay with a blood transfusion before they take Bryan, and then get another one after he is born. This is something else that is also been a "blessing in disguise". Without a colon, my body just isn't capable to absorb all the nutrients it need while "making" a baby. Also being anemic before the fact of pregnancy, and then on top of getting pregnant adding a daily shot of blood thinners, only causes the anemia to get worse. This is the need for the blood transfusions. My body can't keep up reproducing the amount of blood that it needs. Another thing that has come up in this last trimester is a rising level of protein in my urine. My doctor has been watching me closely with this as it is an early sign of preeclampsia. My blood pressure however is doing well.

I just found out today that my tentative scheduled C-Section date is for March 23rd at 7:30am (with a 5:30 arrival!). However, my doctor just told me today because of how things have been going she is planning on probably taking him a little sooner than that. That is just the first date "legally" that could be scheduled with the hospital. Any other date will just be treated as an unscheduled c-section. So, at the very most, I will be having Bryan just 5 weeks from today, but maybe even sooner. By the way, before she would take him any sooner they will do a test to determine if his lungs are ok. This makes me feel good about it. As long as he is ok and healthy, I am ready!! :)  

Just last week I had my baby shower. It was so nice, and so beautiful. Thank-you to everyone who put so much work into it to make it turn out so nice!! It sure meant alot to me!! When I get the picture from it, I will post a few of the best ones. It is nice to know now what I didn't get, and what I still need. David just got Bryan's room painted, and I love it!! The colors are brown and green. I still need to get it decorated though, and everything in it's place. So much to do, and so little time! Jenna took some pregnancy pictures for me that they used at the shower. They all turned out so good!! Here are a few for you to enjoy, and also to see how huge me and Bryan are getting! :) 

I don't want to close without saying a quick thank-you to all of you who continue to pray for me through all of this! I am sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog. I promise to try harder! Especially after Bryan is born. My love to you all!