Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surgery Updates

Hello everyone! It is right now 2 days shy of 2 weeks since my surgery. I have been through alot, and come so far since then, and yet I still have quite a ways to go. For any of you who really know me you know that I am full of life. I am the one always wanting to get out and do something, the one who is singing loudly with music in the backround and trying to get David to dance with me around our living room. I love to laugh and smile, and I love being with and spending time with my husband. Yesturday I came in to the bedroom and looked at David laying there and just smiled. With everything I had I wanted to run and jump on him and just laugh and have fun with him. Instead, I slowly and painfully crawled up there next to him and we just sat and talked for almost an hour. Now don't get me wrong, because I am a girl, and I do love to talk to! :) I guess my point in writing all this, is I miss having fun, and playing around, and I miss simply laughing (because even laughing hurts!). This is the point in my healing when I start to get very impatient with myself! Just get better already Jeessica! :)

Details...details! :) Well, first may I please correct David in his last blog post and say that he did not get to come see me till Thursay morning! :) That small peice of information is very important to me because those first couple days seemed like forever before I could see him! My biggest setback this time through was nausia, just feeling so sick. Every single day for 8 days straight after the surgery I was very sick and couldn't eat. Just the smell of food made me sick.I only vomitted one time, but was taking nausia meds 3-4 times a day to help prevent this because throwing up after abdominal surgery hurts like crazy! 

I also developed an infection around my incision which is still to this day bothering me. The infection built up inside to the left of my incision. It almost looked to me like a ball was sitting on the inside of my belly the way it protruded out. When i told my doctor about the pain he said, "Yes, its called a major surgery!". He didn't seem bothered by my odd pains. The next fill-in doctor I had is the one who found the infection, and started me on antibiotics. He was very nice, and I was very thankful for him. The 3rd doctor saw the swelling in my stomach and told me it was just a gas bubble. Well after living with UC for over 6 years I could have told you that it was NOT a gas bubble! "Won't you doctors just listen to me! I do know a little bit about my own body!!" The day after I came home my "gas bubble", which was in fact a swelling of infection, decided it needed to leave my body. (sorry to be gross) A spew of infection and blood broke one of the stiches and flowed out of my body. For two days straight there was a slow continual flow. Thankfully this was a good thing, and really nothing to worry about besides the added pains it caused.   

The second doctor that saw me over the week-end was very nice, he actually listened to me, and he is in fact the one who started me on a medication called Reglan. It regulated the bowels to get them moving in a forward motion. The ordinary nausia meds obviously werent doing anything for me. I needed something more! Thank-you doctor Cline for hearing me, and finding the infection, and for finding the med which essetially helped me to be able to start eating!

So still with the infection, and just at the beginning stages of trying food it is Tuesday the 9th day after surgery. I was just sooo ready to go home. David had to start back working, and I was at the point where I felt like I was getting depressed, and crying over everything. It didn't look promisimg for me to get home till probably at least Thursday. The doctor came in and talked to me for a while (seeing the "gas bubble" :) ) and asked me "when do you want to go home?" I looked up at him feeling like crying and just said "NOW!". He looked at me and said I think I can work that out. Oh my word! I felt like screaming, and crying and laughing all at the same time. All of my meds that I was on through IV could be taked orally, and he said that they could monitor me from home if anything else happens.

Long story short, I got to go home! :) Do you hear the smile in my voice? :) I think David was almost as excited as me. He was getting exhaused staying with me at the hospital, and then waking up and having to go to work. So there it is for now. I'm home, and for now, that in and of itself just makes me happy!

I will continue the update from my home healing maybe tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your continual prayer, concerns, texts, calls, and love. I couldn't be more grateful!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday 3/12/10

Well its Friday and we have come a long way. Monday after the surgery it took a long time for Jessicas kidneys to kick in so she was in post surgery care till around 10pm. At which time they sent her into IMC (Intermediate Care) She didnt get to go to a normal room like last time. They still wanted to keep an eye on her. Mom and Katie, Dad and Mom Ronson all went ahead and went home since it got so late. I got to go down and see her in the post surgery room before I left for the night. Visitors cant spend the night in IMC.

To make things worse I got sick that night with body aches, stuffy head, and a sore throat. I didnt get to see her till Wed morning after I was better.

Last night she went for her first walk. It went well.And this morning she is in getting an MRI. Thought I would throw this together while I am waiting for her to come back. I am sure she will rearrange and change all this later. Thanks for reading.  

Monday, March 8, 2010

Post Surgery

Well its 9.30pm and Jessica is still in the recovery room. The surgeon said that things went great. No complication, and she was fully recovered from the UC. Unfortunatly she is dealing with a lot of pain and lack of urine. They have been getting the pain under control since she go out of surgery but now her kidneys are not kicking in yet. Apparently this is nothing to be concerned about, she had this problem last time as well. The kidneys have something to do with your urine flow. So, with all that, Lord willing she will be here in her room with me getting some rest. Thanks for all your prayers, concerns, and texts.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Two days before surgery....

I have been suffering with a head cold for almost 3 weeks now, and at my pre-op apts my doctor checked me very thoroughly. He said he can deal with upper resperatory stuff as long as my lungs are clear. Thankfully they are. Yesturday I had a few errands to run and have a list of things to get done before I go in for surgery tomorrow. Early afternoon, while driving, my ear had a bad surge of pain. Then it started to feel like there was alot of pressure building up. I kept trying to yawn and swallow to get it to pop. Unsuccessful, my ear just started surging with pain, and soon I couldn't hear anything out of it. In just a period of 2 hrs I couldn't believe how bad it got! And I started to get kinda worried.

Long story short, it ends up that I have a full blown ear infection. No wonder it hurt so bad! I am very thankful I went in to a Ready Clinic to get it looked at. The doc gave me a topical presciption for it so as not to interfere with the surgery. With that and Advil I feel alot better this morning! Thank-you Lord!

That list of things that I need to get doone is not getting done today with me being sick....Oh well :( Guess its most importent for me to be well.

Would appreciate an extra prayer for this infection to go away, and fast! Can't believe that my surgery is here. Still don't know that I am mentally ready for this. Ready or not here it comes! :)

Will have David update my blog on how surgery went. Thanks so much everyone for your care and concerns, and most of all your prayers!!